Keeping track of your website’s performance is an important part of achieving a successful marketing/communications program. With our monthly Pixel Analytics program you will see each month the results on what pages of your website are effectively communicating your message and those pages that are not. It will show you how people are finding your website online, which pages people enter and exit your website from, calculate the average time people spend on your website, which days of the week have the most traffic to your website, and find out if your social media pages or external sales tools are successful in drawing people to your website. These are just a few examples of how Pixel Analytics can help you keep track of your website's data.

Another great benefit from our Pixel Analytics program is our professional guidance to help you interpret the data we find and develop a solution to improve your website’s performance.

The data we collect from our research is reviewed and a detailed report is created each month from what we find. Based on the results of each month’s report we offer recommendations on how your website’s performance can be improved and in which specific areas. A consistent presentation of your brand through the information presented in your website is critical to the present and future success of your company.


Pixel Analytics focuses on three main categories ranging from Audience, Acquisition and Behavior, which provides a detailed overview of your website's overall performance. Each one of these categories can provide valuable information on your website's performance for achieving a successful marketing/communications program.


Pixel Analytics will provide a detailed look on who your visitors are. You can see which visitors are new and which are returning customers. You can go deeper and find out their demographics, language, interests, and what devices they used to visit your website. All this can be valuable information when determining your target market.


Pixel Analytics will provide information on how visitors find you online. Discover if they find you through referral, your pay-per-click ads, your social media pages or by direct contact through search engines. Get a better understanding of your external marketing and if it is drawing visitors to your services or products on your website.


Pixel Analytics will track how your visitors interact with your website. Our reports can be customized to view the flow of how visitors browse through your website providing you with a detailed view of what interests them most. By seeing their behavior on your website it can help you build a marketing strategy that focuses on what services or products are the most popular to your target market.


Using the results from Audience, Acquisition and Behavior tracking Pixel Analytics allows us to see the overall performance of your website. Our reporting can be customized to review multiple values of performance giving an even greater idea on how to develop a strategy for your marketing/communications program.

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Our Pixel Analytics program includes a monthly analytics overview report of three main categories of Audience, Acquisition and Behavior, as well as our professional guidance.

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Our Pixel Analytics program can be customized to track over 20 different categories. Give us a call at 832.44.PIXEL to find out more about how you can customize your own Pixel Analytics program. Additional cost apply. No obligation. You may cancel at anytime.


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