Whether a project involves developing a new website, handling a full branding program or designing a one off project, through Pixel Creative's many capabilities and services our goal is to strengthen and reinforce a company's desired image so that the end result is effective, consistent, and most of all, successful.

Below is a few of our highlighted expertise.


Marketing and advertising is all about connecting with your audience and getting your message seen and heard within your target market. Marketing and advertising has continued to evolve with the growing use of individuals on electronic devices and the fast growing world of social media. Finding and communicating with your customer has become more diverse than ever before. Pixel Creative will learn your market and determine how you are presently positioned or perceived within it. Then we will create a strategic marketing plan that will separate you from your competition. Using today's most innovative solutions and some old school know how we will insure your marketing and advertising needs will translate to success.


The symbol that represents your company should be one that defines who you are. It should define the company's personality and goals and is an intricate part of the overall company brand. Pixel Creative has helped hundreds of companies large and small develop an identity that achieves the look and feel of the message you want to portray to your audience.


A brand is not stumbled upon; it is created with the goals and perception needed to take your company to a desired position in your market or industry. We have created brands for some of the world's largest companies as well as some of the smallest. It doesn't matter what size your company is. Every company needs to have its own individual brand that defines who they are and what they stand for.


Promoting your message goes hand-and-hand with being successful. You always want your audience to see your business and relate that to your company's brand wherever you may go. Pixel Creative will carry your brand throughout all marketing material to insure a focused and consistence message. Whether it is on a coffee mug, yeti tumbler, t-shirt, pen, handbag, mailer, pull-up banners or even a car wrap we will always design your promotional material to stay within your company's message and brand.


Websites have come a long way since their inception and we have been there during all its baby steps. Today websites have grown into the single most important marketing tool for any company. From local small businesses to worldwide multi-billion dollar corporations, we have created hundreds of websites for large and small companies expanding their message to a 24/7 market.


Pixel Creative uses the latest technology to keep your company's message up to date and ahead of the curve. Whether it's radio, video production, audio composition, or streaming services such as YouTube, Pixel Creative can design and produce your digital project. With our help you can introduce your message to an all new audience and expand your business.


Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have changed the way we communicate. Worldwide, millions of tweets, photos and events are shared on a daily bases. Networking in social media opens the door to countless opportunities to have your message heard. Pixel Creative can help setup and advise you on what works and doesn't work in social media so you can have the best advantage at furthering your company's message. If you wish to keep a focused message throughout your social network but lack the man power to do so, we can maintain your social network for you insuring your brand and messaging stays consistent.


Investor Relations is comprised of many forms of communications. Annual reports, financial presentation, newsletters, etc. which communicates a company’s brand or desired perception. Pixel Creative can help bring your company's internal and external communications together so the same message is heard not only within your own walls but outside of them as well.


At Pixel Creative we have produced various forms of publications ranging from large technical writings like Saudi Aramco's Journal of Technology to smaller online newsletters for many of our clients. With our attention to great detail the goal is to effectively communicate the company's message on time and in budget.


Apps are one of the hottest and fastest growing markets today. The Apple App Store has millions of apps available and that number continues to grow! Knowing the importance of great UX/UI design Pixel Creative can help organize your app so it is easy to navigate and functional at the same time.

The following is a list of services we offer to help you build a successful brand and message.


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Brand Development

Perception Management

Creative Positioning


Logo Design

Business Naming

URL & Internet Naming

Slogans/Tag Lines

Graphic Standards

Brand Guidelines





Promotional Items

Label Design


Trade Shows

Product Placement

Billboard Design

Banners & Online Banners

Wrap Design



Business Cards




Pocket Folders

Annual & Quarterly Reports

Leave Behinds

Point of Purchase

In-House Digital Printing

Web/Digital Marketing

Website Design

Online Advertising

Website Maintenance
Website Analytics

Web Animation

Email Marketing


Web Advertising Banners

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

App & UI Design


PowerPoint Presentations

Audio Production

Video Production

Musical Composition

Radio & Online Broadcasting

Social Media

Posting & Maintenance

Ad/Banner Design

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Campaigns

Social Media Analytics



Creative Writing


Proofing & Editing


Strategic Plans

Business Plans

Marketing Plans